Cabling & Network Installation

Technology Advocates offers a full line of cabling and network services for new or preexisting networks.

The cables connecting your systems are the foundation of your network. When the network infrastructure is right, everything on the network can operate smoothly. If the foundation is flawed or impaired, your IT operations—and your business—will suffer.

We’ll help your company:

  • Plan and install new networks
  • Recommend changes or improvements to your existing network
  • Install the wiring and devices you need to connect to the internet
  • Troubleshoot and isolate cable-related problems
  • Move or modify your cables and devices
  • Identify and address speed and connectivity issues

Why Technology Advocates?

As a full-service IT company, we are able to analyze each client’s needs and design a customized plan based on best practices. We help you with your whole network, not just cable installation.

We understand the big picture.

Unlike large cabling companies, Technology Advocates understands the big picture of a company’s IT needs.

We understand your budget.

For new or existing networks alike, Technology Advocates is able to offer customized service at a fraction of the cost of other large cabling companies.

How do I get started?

For both new and existing cabling projects, take these 3 basic steps:

  1. Schedule a site survey and estimate to determine needs and cost.
  2. We’ll plan a custom network layout and recommendations
  3. We’ll install and test the network and equipment.

With a safe, reliable connection, you can focus on running your business. Get started today! Schedule an initial consultation today by calling us at 864-354-8994.