Web Filtering and Firewall

Identify, quarantine, and blacklist malicious intrusions, viruses, and ransomware with Technology Advocates’ robust firewall solutions

Give your business enterprise-level protection without breaking the bank.

Our intelligent filtering systems automatically prevent your employees from visiting dangerous, and unsafe-for-work websites. You can even block specific websites, meaning you gain complete control over your network and ensure a productive allocation of your bandwidth. No longer suffer from sluggish internet, malfunctioning workstations, and sleep easy knowing your infrastructure is being protected and managed constantly.

What’s more, Technology Advocates’ web filtering and firewall software are easy-to-use and require minimal resources to function. You can install it on any old workstation and add an extra layer of protection to your business — without having to purchase new equipment.

You can also block websites by department. For example, block social media websites for the accounting department, but leave them open for your marketing team

Web Filtering and Firewall from Technology Advocates lets you:

  • Get a security solution that is fully compliant with industry regulations
  • Prevent intrusions, worms, and other forms of malware from corrupting your data
  • Filter out inappropriate content and time-wasting websites from your users
  • Get a completely managed and supported security solution