Printer Management for SMBs

Reduce cost, increase efficiency, improve document security, and gain full technical printing support

Nothing is worse than completing a report or project on time but being unable to deliver because of printing issues such as low resolution, no ink, or outdated drivers.

Our Printer Management solution is built to optimize your print infrastructure so you can easily identify savings opportunities. By managing your print system, we are able to keep your drivers updated and enforce rules for color output or single- and double-sided printing consistently, reducing paper and printer ink usage and improving your bottom-line.

What’s more, Technology Advocates will secure your printer network through user authentication, creating an audit trail that allows you to see who prints what document, when, and through which device.

A print management solution will
reduce your company’s paper waste by enforcing different rules that make sure your company is printing only
what’s necessary

Our Printer Management features are plenty:

  • Ink and paper monitoring and management
  • Set quotas for who can print, how much they can print, and who can create print policies
  • Get a reportable audit trail for every document printed
  • 24x7x365 technical support